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As business leaders, we have an opportunity to reset the private sector’s relationship with the natural world, the communities and customers we serve and the economic systems within which we operate.

Here, we humbly offer ways forward on a range of critical issues. These efforts are interdependent. Lasting success will only be achieved through a holistic agenda.

The following resources may help you—as they have helped us—to embed principles of sustainability, equality and accountability in your leadership practice. Together, we can contribute to a future where people and the planet prosper.

— The B Team

Business ambition for 1.5°C

Join a growing movement of businesses committing to net-zero emissions by 2050 so that humankind can limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

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Gender balance

Achieving gender balance at all levels of leadership is not only a moral imperative but a meaningful business opportunity.

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ESG standards & reporting

Companies that do well on environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures are able to outperform others, but standardization is needed to support a holistic, ambitious and global ESG framework.

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Nature & biodiversity

Science-based targets for protecting nature are pathways for companies to thrive within planetary boundaries.

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Diversity in leadership

Diverse leadership drives innovation, contributes to improved financial performance and is essential to shaping an inclusive economy.

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Responsible tax practice

Inclusive economies depend on fair, effective tax systems that support responsible investment and sustainable growth.

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A just transition

A fair and just transition to a low-carbon economy prioritizes people and is grounded in social dialogue between employers, workers and their unions.

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Racial equity

Achieving racial equity in the workplace—and building a society in which all can participate, prosper and reach their full potential—is a business and socioeconomic imperative.

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Business leaders can work with policymakers to prevent corruption, strengthen accountability mechanisms and improve governance across the private and public sectors.

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Refugees & migrants

Business benefits through the hiring of refugees and migrants, whose skills and unique lived experiences enrich company culture.

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Human rights

Businesses have a responsibility to respect human rights wherever they operate. Implementation of key safeguards minimizes risk, respects fundamental freedoms and prevents harm to the vulnerable and marginalized.

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Lobbying transparency

Business has a constructive role to play in the development of public policy, but lobbying should be undertaken openly to ensure actions taken behind closed doors match public statements.

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